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About Penelope:
Anna’s best friend Penelope sees the world with the X-Ray vision only a former writer turned actress could possess. Like Anna she shares a love for the grand melodramas of film history Penelope’s seemingly effortless success with women and her career inspires and to a tiny degree frustrates Anna. For years Penelope has encouraged Anna to keep reaching for her goals – using her gift for insight and her own brand of tough love.

About Guinevere Turner:
Born in Boston, Massachusetts Guinevere Turner co-wrote American Psycho and has appeared in several iconic lesbian films & TV shows such as ‘Go Fish’, ‘The L Word’, and ‘Preaching to the Perverted.’

Watch Guinevere’s interview about
the film and her character here!



About Katia:
Katia is in her mid 20’s, art school wunderkind,  dark hair, tall, arty, articulate, gorgeous, enigmatic with brains. Patty Smith meets Agnes Varda, with a very innocent face. Queer.


About Janina Gavankar:
Gavankar is known for her more notable roles as Papi, in The L Word, Leigh Turner, a cop with a big secret on “The Gates”, Ms. Dewey, the personification of a Microsoft branded search engine who comments about the user’s searches, Shiva, the namesake of the sought after trophy on The League, and, most recently, shapeshifter Luna Garza on HBO’s True Blood.

 Watch Janina on True Blood here!

AGNES OLECH stars as

About Julia:
Julia is in her late 20’s, is a cinematographer, NYU alum, and is originally from Texas. Relaxed and confident with quick sense of (dry) humor, kind face. Sexy in her security.



About Agnes Olech:
Agnes Olech was born on September 11, 1984, in Bielsko Biala, Poland.  The aspiring actress relocated with her family to the United States in April of 1994.  Settling down in Northern California, it was her parents’ goal to show their children that anything was possible. The second of four kids, Agnes always stood out as being the performer of the bunch. “I used to perform to Tina Turner songs in my parents living room. I loved the laughter it brought to my family. To this day, everytime I hear a Tina Turner song I smile.”  Inspired by movies such as “The Never Ending Story”, Agnes knew from an early age that there was something quite magical about transforming yourself into a “character” and being able to experience a whole new world that was far from reality. “There is no better feeling than to get lost in your own body and become another soul, even if only for a few seconds.”

 Watch Agnes here!



About Chloe:
A former child shampoo model, 34 or 40 depending on her mood, Chloe is painfully fashion forward but classy, chic, and compassionate.  A space cadet with a heart.



About Carrie Preston:
Carrie Preston is an actress, director, and producer. She is currently widely recognized for her starring role as Arlene Fowler, the redheaded sassy waitress in the Golden Globe nominated HBO series True Blood. She has held roles in major television series such as Lost and Desperate Housewives in addition to scene-stealing appearances in Duplicity, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and the Oscar nominated Transamerica. In addition to her work in film and television, she has appeared on Broadway in Festen, in the Alabama Shakespeare Festival as Ophelia in Hamlet, and as Honey opposite Patrick Stewart and Mercedes Ruehl in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

 Watch Carrie on True Blood here!



About Charlie:
Anna’s friend and landlord watching all the madness from a front row seat.




About Celeste Pechous:
“It is Celeste Pechous who really makes an impression with her flat Midwestern delivery, all that thick blond hair and a no-b.s. cuteness that can massage the shrillness out of even the snarkiest punch line.” - Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

 Watch Celeste do her magic here!



About Lonnie:
Gay producer, Lonnie, lover of DP and all that is sexual, is Robert’s husband and partner. Great friends with Anna and successful in the gay film biz, they can’t put money in to Anna’s film unless there’s a little boob action.



About Joel Michaely:
He’s brilliant! He’s sexy! He owns Hollywood! From But I’m a Cheerleader to Rules of Attraction, Joel has been in over 50 films and he’s just 25!

 Watch Joel here!


DREW DROEGE stars as

About Robert:
Gay producer, Robert, a member of The Blind Side fan club, is Lonnie’s husband and partner. Great friends with Anna and successful in the gay film biz, they can’t put money in to Anna’s film unless there’s a little boob action.



About Drew Droege:
A consumate entertainer, comedian, actor, performer, Drew is a Groundlings star and huge internet success with his channeling of Chloe Sevigny.

 Watch Drew  here!



About Anna:
Anna is a funny, cute, woman with scads of talent. So why then is she still struggling to get her filmmaking career off the ground and light a fire under her long dormant love life? This search for the answer to this question becomes especially urgent the day after her fortieth birthday when she comes up with a plan to kill two birds with one stone. To have the career and woman of her dreams she’ll have to defeat the long held personal demons of self doubt and fear of intimacy that brought her to this crisis point in the first place.

About Anna Albelo:
Cuban-American, Anna Margarita Albelo is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist and cultural activist. In just the past 5 years, she has been an Honoree of the Tribeca Film Festival’s All Access program for Narratives, as well as, Tribeca’s On Track program, the Miami International Film Festival’s Encuentros Program, IFP New York’s Project Involve, IFP’s No Borders, and recently spotlighted on IndieWire.com as a filmmaker “to watch.”

Her work encompasses narrative, documentary and experimental film, screened in over 40 film festivals all over the world. Her short fiction film, “The Turkey” (French title: La Dinde) was selected for the Cannes Film Festival’s CRITIC’S WEEK, 2008 and her latest feature documentary, HOOTERS! won the Centerpiece Award at the Queer Black Cinema Film Festival of Harlem in 2010. Anna has also been a longtime collaborator of French Television channel, Canal Plus for whom she has written and directed several original documentaries on gay and lesbian culture exploring Cuba, Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

She currently lives in Los Angeles and is in pre-production of her feature film debut, “Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?”

Watch Anna’s interview about
the film and her character here!


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