Steakhaus Productions

Steak House, Producer
Dominic Ottersback, Producer

Steakhaus Productions is an award-winning independent film production company dedicated to bringing bold, new visions to movie-going audiences everywhere.
Like the Bauhaus founders who helped inspire our name, Steakhaus Productions firmly believes there is a vital connection between usefulness and beauty. Our filmmakers have a strong personal connection to their material, resulting in brave, tender, hilarious and sometimes twisted cinematic visions that deliver entertainment and satisfaction to our audiences. We hold commercial viability on par with artistic merit because we’re determined to get our projects out to the audiences who want them.
Our team has more than 15 combined years of experience in production management, producing and line producing. We are currently developing a diverse slate of features, from warped comedies to heart-breaking family dramas to nail-biting thrillers.We love odd, bold, commercial films. We’re here to make cinema happen. How can we help you?

Biography of Anna Margarita Albelo: Director

Cuban-American, Anna Margarita Albelo is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist and cultural activist. In just the past 5 years, she has been an Honoree of the Tribeca Film Festival’s All Access program for Narratives, as well as, Tribeca’s On Track program, the Miami International Film Festival’s Encuentros Program, IFP New York’s Project Involve, IFP’s No Borders, and recently spotlighted on as a filmmaker “to watch.”

Her work encompasses narrative, documentary and experimental film, screened in over 40 film festivals all over the world. Her short fiction film, “The Turkey” (French title: La Dinde) was selected for the Cannes Film Festival’s CRITIC’S WEEK, 2008 and her latest feature documentary, HOOTERS! won the Centerpiece Award at the Queer Black Cinema Film Festival of Harlem in 2010. Anna has also been a longtime collaborator of French Television channel, Canal Plus for whom she has written and directed several original documentaries on gay and lesbian culture exploring Cuba, Palm Springs and Los Angeles

She currently lives in Los Angeles and is in pre-production of her feature film debut, Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?”

Biography of Michael Urban:  Screenwriter

Michael Urban is a screenwriter and instructor at the American Film Institute. His first feature film Saved! (co-written with BrianDannelly) was produced by MGM/UA in 2004. He has since completed writing assignments for several major film and television studios including: 20thCentury Fox, Sony Pictures, Good Humor TV, Warner Brothers Television, Lionsgate and HBO. He currently has a feature in development with Plan B/Paramount (co-written with director Jacob Estes), and another at And Then productions with David Duchovny attached to star.

Biography of Alison Kelly:  Cinematographer

Alison Kelly is a cinematographer whose work includes feature films, documentaries, television productions, music videos and art films.

The Owls, a feature she filmed, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2010. Other festival successes include Make a Wish, Fourteen and Hummer, all of which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. She has been recognized for her cinematography on The Twenty with the Macat ASC Award from the Kent Film Festival. She also filmed Freedom to Choose, a short film that won the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase for Documentary Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Her work has appeared on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Sundance Channel, the Public Broadcasting System and Canal Plus.

Cinematographer Alison Kelly

B Camera Michelle Lawler

Production Manager Christine Treibel

Production Designer Melanie Aron

Costume Designer Nike Shroeder

After Effects Mak Set

Music Consultant Gina Young (Team Gina)

Assistant to the Director Daniela Cervantes

Production Coordinator Associate Jennifer McDevitt

Make-up and Special FX make-up Alyssa Morgan