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The Province (Canada)

It sounds like the title of a porn parody, but the U.S. indie flick Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? turns out to be a gentle romantic comedy.



Blurb Rochester



The advocate









“Think This is 40 or Bridesmaids meets Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” -Afterellen.com



“WAVW is dark and parodic and exquisitely intelligent at the same time. The film’s cunning is displayed in its sharp yet subtle nods to past literary and pop cultures, performed paradoxically by the wonderfully talented ensemble.” -Afterellen


“Director/star Anna Margarita Albelo soon won me over in her tale of a slacker who seems to never be able to achieve any of the goals on her list.

-Progressive Pulse

See more at: http://progressivepulse.com/news/some-great-options-of-los-angeles-outfests-lgbt-film-festival-by-kevin-m-thomas/#sthash.t6InlxkM.Uj7bQa4f.dpuf”


“Albelo is clearly an exciting, endearing, and comic talent, and her delightful homage would make Eve Ensler and Virginia Woolf proud. ”

-Ion Cinema

– See more at: http://www.ioncinema.com/reviews/whos-afraid-of-vagina-wolf-review#sthash.38qA0Tyx.38nWm020.dpuf


The film enjoys a unique position in the marketplace of because it comes with a variety of built-in audiences: LGBT, Latina, and female moviegoers.



“The film dives deeper into general perceptions about what it is to be a lesbian of the 21st Century.”

-Edge of San Francisco

“You can’t make this shit up, folks (nor would you want to when the truth is so good)!”

-Planet Etheria


“Imagine Liz Lemon, if she were a lesbian cinéaste with a dash of Cuban blood in her.”



-“Latino Buzz top picks!”




“This film is wholly unique in its thematic focus and in its creative employment of Albee’s domestic tragedy as a frame narrative.”



“Director/star Anna Margarita Albelo soon won me over in her tale of a slacker who seems to never be able to achieve any of the goals on her list.

-Progressive Pulse



“Do women artists have to be lonely in order to create? The wonderful news is that the conversations can start after viewing this warm, funny, and touching movie.”

-Philly Calendar


“But the movie does not just speak to Latinas. It points a lens at many social and cultural issues facing all women. ”

-Philly Calendar



“The entire cast creates sparks while Guinevere Turner [“The L Word”], as “Martha,” turns heads and spins them in fear and barbed humor.”

-Edge of San Francisco



“Guinevere Turner playing a lesbian actress playing Elizabeth Burton playing Albee’s Martha is flat-out phenomenal; she nails the deadpan satire of the Hollywood actress.”




WHO’S AFRAID OF VAGINA WOLF? is a hysterical behind-the-scenes comedy, with a sexy, funny cast!

– Denver Film Society



Notable Outfest films this year are the comedies “Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?,”

-Daily News


Albelo cannot help but beam as she speaks of WHO’S AFRAID OF VAGINA WOLF? for making the film, she says, was “a true labor of love.”

-Miami Gay and Lesbian Film festival



to the show here on line- Lesbian Cinema, Vagina Wolf, and so much more! https://soundcloud.com/prideonscreen/imru-show-130715


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