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Press Quotes

“Films about moviemaking are usually really good or really bad. This one is really, really good.” 

-Filmmaker Magazine

“Albelo is clearly an exciting, endearing, and comic talent, and her delightful homage would make Eve Ensler and Virginia Woolf proud. “

-Ion Cinema

“The film dives deeper into general perceptions about what it is to be a lesbian of the 21st Century.”

-Edge of San Francisco

“You can’t make this shit up, folks (nor would you want to when the truth is so good)!”

-Planet Etheria

“Imagine Liz Lemon, if she were a lesbian cinéaste with a dash of Cuban blood in her.”

“The entire cast creates sparks while Guinevere Turner [“The L Word”], as “Martha,” turns heads and spins them in fear and barbed humor.”

-Edge of San Francisco

WHO’S AFRAID OF VAGINA WOLF? is a hysterical behind-the-scenes comedy, with a sexy, funny cast!

– Denver Film Society

The film enjoys a unique position in the marketplace of because it comes with a variety of built-in audiences: LGBT, Latina, and female moviegoers.


Albelo cannot help but beam as she speaks of WHO’S AFRAID OF VAGINA WOLF? for making the film, she says, was “a true labor of love.

-Miami Gay and Lesbian Film festival

“Whether she’s creating documentaries for French television or comedy shorts for youtube, Anna shines as a director that uses humor and technical expertise to convey the humanity of her characters and her love for story and style.”

“As a woman, a Latina, and a lesbian, Anna is engaged in creating characters and stories that represent her experience and communities.”


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