From there we followed the Dyke March to the Purple Party where once again we were mauled by vagina lovers, gay men, straight women and especially lesbians! The cast of The Real L Word came on stage to promote their show.  Whitney Mixter, one of the stars of the series, is also a cast member of the Vagina Wolf pack as she will be playing Julia in our film!

Lez at the Mezz East Side PRIDE PARTY!:

We wrapped up the night at the Lez at Mezz party where the Vagina Wolf pack danced like it was 1999 with our buddies, cohorts and Lez organizers Vanessa XKILLER of Sew Gay, Manda our Communications Director, Melanie Aron our Production Designer, Alison Kelly our DP, Christine Treibel our UPM, Sally Baxter- vagina about town, and Gina Young of the PERMS go-go dancing in her own “Young Vagina” outfit also crafted by our uber-hot Costume Designer, Nike Shroeder. ‘Uh Huh Her’ band members Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey snapped pictures of us!  Can you imagine?  Two iconic women wanting to take pictures of us instead of the other way around. It was awesome!

WeHo Gay Pride:

At the ass crack of dawn on Sunday morning after passing through an army of policemen we, at last, found a parking space in West Hollywood and delighted the crowd at the Pride Parade with our own vagina march!  Walking down Santa Monica Blvd with our amazing lesbian icon Guinevere Turner (starring ass Penelope in WAOVW?) the love and excitement of the West Hollywood community rained down on us once again (okay, that sounds gross but it wasn’t.)  Everyone was clamoring for a photo op with the Vagina Wolf pack and information about the film. The tables were turned once again when celebrities Peaches and Marilyn Manson asked if they could take a picture with our vaginas.  VAGTASTIC!!  I love a parade!