Out There! art exhibition at Gallery 825:

The Vagina Wolf pack kicked off LA Pride at the Out There! art exhibition at Gallery 825 where we amused patrons and enthusiasts with not one but two giant pink vaginas! (Vagina costumes made by our extraordinary costume designer, Nike Shroeder, that is.) Meghan Hall of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force – interviewed us during the festivities giving us a national platform to announce our brilliant film Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? hereafter referred to as WAOVW?.


Once we left the gallery we were off to the annual Dyke March — where we were pretty much the belles of the ball. Imagine an ocean of beautiful women dying to hug and kiss your labia – (our costume, that is.) The Vagina Wolf pack worked the street, promoting the film – handing out stickers and what-nots – the outpouring of love and support from the crowd was amazing. We love women!